BAD MR. FROSTY- Once known as Bruge as a human, Brug worked at Snowy Mountain at the Circus Resort, while on his breaks, he would train and train to be the strongest of everyone! When the Claybola virus spread, Bruge was infected and became the second Bad Mr. Frosty! Thus allowing him to prove once and for all who's your daddy!

THE BLOB- The Blob came arround as the imbodyment of the Claybola virus, allowing him to take any shape he wants! Despite this, he is incredibly stupid, but strong! He befrends Wilson E. Taffy and together, they go through quite the sticky adventure! The Blob is also known for his amazing variaty of attacks! So beware!

WILSON E. TAFFY- WIlson E. Taffy is the son of the original Taffy! He spends his time selling snacks and candy at the Circus Resort, and he loves his job! (unalike everyone else) When the Claybola virus struck, he wasn't affected at all! Why? Because he already had the power to strech and do lots of cool clay attacks! But beware, even though he's a sweet guy, he has a sour side as well!

ICKYBOD CLAY- Once an employee at the Circus Resort, Jerold Jackson was fired for being to scary. Because of this, he vowed revenge! When the Claybola virus hit, he was infected and sold his soul to have spooky and evil like powers, he got his revenge and now he wishes to be in charge of Circus Resort, but he isn't going to get it so easly, because his main rival, Houngan, has his own plans! MARIA STICKI- COMING SOON!




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