Killer Instinct Mugen Edition

Hey guys! Windindi here to give you guys some updates about how this game will work as well as other questions.


'Will this replace Nintendo vs. Capcom?'

Of course not! This is a side project for fun, and I hope folks enjoy it as much as they possibly can! NvC will continue, but it will take a very long time. This compared to NvC is a FAR more easier game to do.

'Is this game gonna have ________?'

I can't say who I'm including, besides Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, and Thunder. That is all for now. However, I can explain how releases will work. The first update will ONLY have four characters. The second update will have four more characters whom I'll announce at a later date AFTER release. The game will also receive updates of course.

'How DO releases work?'

Right now, the idea is to see how popular this gets. If there isn't much demand for it, only 8 characters will happen. However, if the game gets a certain amount of downloads, more content will be added.

That's it for now! Get ready to throw your Killer Instinct!

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