This is part 2 y'all! More questions to be answered and announcements! But before I start, Part 1 is here, where I answered 3 common questions.!_But_a_lot_of_questions!_Part_1

Anyways, heres the announcements!

The Last 3rd Party Characters 

Theme of Solid Snake - Super Smash Bros03:55

Theme of Solid Snake - Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Solid Snake

Snake is back y'all! Never fear ether, he wasn't cut, just majorly adjusted! Snake had a bit to edit, and still does, but he'll be done when NvC comes out.

Clay fighter 63 1 3 Aquadome music-001:56

Clay fighter 63 1 3 Aquadome music-0

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

So is Earthworm Jim! He's back too, GROOVY!!

Edited Characters

Gourmet Race - Super Smash Bros02:27

Gourmet Race - Super Smash Bros. Brawl



King DeDeDe

HHHHIIIIIIIIII!!! Kirby's getti'n an upgrade! And so is his rival, King Dedede!

An edit fit for a king, Kirby and Dedede are having major buffs, for example, Kirby will have new hypers, and even his famous copy ability! Swallow an opponent, and copy an attack! Remember, It can be taken away from you from taking too much damage, so watch out!

King Dedede will probably be DRASTICALLY updated, making him more fleshed out and combo usable. Ahhh, it's good to be the king, isn't it?

Meta Knight's Revenge - Super Smash Bros02:42

Meta Knight's Revenge - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Meta Knight edit stand v.1

Meta Knight

Meta Knight's gonna be balanced too, but usable (unalike his absolute nerf in SSB4, lol) but for real, Meta Knight's spam heavy attacks will be altered for some juicy combos! If you think your up to the fight, pick up that sword and duel!

Magicant Eight Melodies (Mother) - Super Smash Bros04:16

Magicant Eight Melodies (Mother) - Super Smash Bros. 3DS

New Ness Idle


Sorry for the small sprite, but Ness is gonna be buffed too! Ness will be more combom heavy and new tricks up his sleve! Like, PK Rockin! Sweet huh? Anyways, Ness will also be a bit faster this time around, with punches and kicks galore and some PSI (PK) tricks! Silly Giygas, tricks are for Ness.

Poke Floats ANIME VERSION02:19




Yellow Sprite


Red and Yellow are gonna be in, and same old same old, Red is stronger, Yellow's a healer.

And a lot more to come! Oh! Before I forget, new challengers approach!




That's the only hint

Find out who they are, in part 3!

Click Here for Part 3!_But_a_lot_of_questions!_Part_3

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