Nintendo vs. Capcom is ariving soon! But it isn't tomorrow, sadly. But I must adress some things so that you all know status! I was asked these questions a LOT, and I'll answer them!

Will Characters in NvC be downloadable??

For the game itself, I'm making it so you can't acess character files, but knowing you all, you'll get around that somehow. But to adress, the NvC team will welcome all NvC characters and their edits to the MUGEN community, this includes the following:

  • Segeta (New!)
  • Mewtwo (New!)
  • Kirby (MAJOR Edit)
  • Ness (Edit)
  • Pikachu (With Red) (New!)
  • Pikachu (With Yellow) (New!)
  • Captain Commando (Edit)
  • King Dedede (MAJOR Edit)
  • Meta Knight (Edit)
  • Lyn (Edit)
  • Petey (Edit)

What characters did you cut and why??

Sadly, NvC had to cut characters along the way, and some were not by slight luck or the will to fix the characters for the game. I must say though, the NvC team has done a wonderful job, but alas, there were cut characters and ideas, here they are:

  • Pichu (Clone Overscale, not even funny)
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon (TO much of a Ridley clone, a copy paste if you will)
  • Hastune Miku (Glitchyness galore, plus a super cheap clone and caused engine crashes)
  • Hugo (Had the idea for him, but favored Dan over Hugo)
  • Shadow The Hedgehog (Extreamly limited, Glitchy, and causes engine errors)
  • Porky (Boss Character cut in favor of Giygas)
  • Krillin (Format switched from CH. to Z2, Krillin didn't have a Z2, so we went for Gohan instead)

Where the hey is Donkey Kong?!

Hold on, Expanders! DK will join in as soon as he is done, if not, he'll be included later. AT the moment, it's rather questionable whether DK will be in or not, while chances are slim, it's possible.

Click Here for Part 2!_But_a_lot_of_questions!_Part_2

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