I released the new demo yesterday, and recieved harsh words from a lot of current users. In the total greef I was already in yesterday, people started to question my existance. As a whole, I am extreamly upset (in your world "pissed off") at the fact that this happened with no shame or good coming out in the end. Something I caught onto yesterday is that people kept hitting me in the head with details like "You must have never played a fighting game before" and in propper manner basically said (quoted from Len) "I can make a better Nintendo vs. CAPCOM".

Look everyone, I am JUST as valuble to this wiki as any other user on here, and with the disrepectful trash I recieved yesterday, I nearly thought about quiting, but I won't. I'm still doing Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, and I think when the game is released, and I still recieve trash talk from others, I will QUIT coming to the MUGEN Database. You all have NO idea how much you put on me for what you said in chat. Maybe I'm too upset at the moment, IDK... but one thing is clear, I don't apreciate what happened yesterday. But I don't think you all care enough for what I do, which is trying to help MUGEN by making a great game, but as I go, people complain about me as a whole and I feel like I'm being treated Ax style, which is where I LEAST want to be... *sigh* I had to get this out there.

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