EBSpecial look

Here you go folks! Sorry for the blurry look, (I meant to scan it, but... I was rushed...) but I put together this pic for you all so you can see what the movie's direction is going, and like I said before, sorry for the blurry drawing on the left, but if you look closely, that's what each character looks like. On the right is the look that each main character based off of. (credit to original drawer) Anyways, because your here, I might as well reveal some more stuff!

A quick preview of characters


Ness overall was a HUGE priority, and we couldn't help but wonder how to make him like, so we ended up making him be a 90's kid who makes up Nintendo puns from here and there, so I hope your excited for that! (Oh yeah, he also has a BIG love for Pau--- I MEAN, STEAK, yeah, steak!) Anyways, I think you will PK Love Ness as well as we do, XD Get it? Get it! Oh well, tough croud...


Paula of all characters was intresting  to do, because she of all people had a split personality between US and JPN. versions of the games, so we decided to mix the two, make her kind and loving, but when she's mad, she is...whoo!! What a woman! Although, despite this, I think she's gonna be learning some PK Love for a certain hero, if you know what I mean. Did I just use that pun twice?


Jeff was the best of all characters, we had a BLAST doing Jeff! He's a underdog of all the characters, so I'm sure he'll have fans. At night, he not only tinkers, he confeses his feelings, to his machines. ...What?! It's not like they will last forever! Or, at least that's how he thinks... Anyways, Jeff may be a bit wimpy, but with the right skills, his brain might overcome brawn!


Poo was basic actually, he's a prince, and with that, we made him the "karatie kid trainer" by making him the most mature of the group, and while he can bost at times, he is also the strongest. Although, he has his own strugles too, like who he will marry, and how he will rule his kingdom, let alone save the world, and...hide his deepest secret... He is full of mystery!

That's all for now! Any questions? Place them in the comments bellow!

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