As much as I LOVE Clint Eastwood, let's cut to the chase!


  • This game will be a LOT more like Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2, but it takes time to make sure characters sizes and playability are in check, so please be a LITTLE more patient this time around! Thanks!
  • There will in fact be two characters I'll be announcing TODAY! Mewtwo (from last post) and.....Petey Piranha! Why him? Well in development, he was planed to be a boss, but with his moveset and even balanced Amingo like playstyle, I decided to include him for you all to play as!
  • The next demo will have amazing changes! (I will explain later)


  • This is serious news, so pay CLOSE attention! Because of certain characters playstyle, they are on the bridge of being cut, these characters are Miku and Shadow. To give you all the best gamestyle, I want this game to be balanced, but as I play the game more, I notice they have MAJOR bugs that make them in a bad situation, so if they do not make it to the final upcoming demo, they will not be in the game ever again, sorry.


  • As gross as Wario is, there's something worse! THE TITLE SCREEN!!! (cue horror music) For this upcoming demo, you will see that ugly duckling become a swan because you are GETTING SOMETHING AWESOME!!! (I do not wish to spoil it now) Stay tuned!

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