As you all know, I have been working my butt off on many things, and so that you all know, this is "Where it All Boils Down" XD get it, cause that's NvC's theme song? Nevermind...



Nintendo vs. CAPCOM: Clash of Legends!

  • PLANED Release Date: Late June or Early July
  • If needed, there will be patch fixes
  • I still need help with creating certain stages
  • Thanks for the support!
  • I am concidering DLC, but that's all in the future!
  • ...a sequel if it's good enough? TO early to tell of course!


ClayFighter 4!

  • Game will be in full development after Nintendo vs. CAPCOM is released.
  • I will need a team of helpers of course!
  • More to be said in the future.

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