From my last post I'm sure you all got the character revil with no problem. But you DID get the trainer wrong, actually, this isn't Gary Oak, this is Blue (Green in Jpn.) . Blue, just like Red and Yellow is a character in Pokemon Adventures! In fact, I wish to add as much Adventure's nostalgia into this game as possible for good ol' Pokemon fans. But then, what about the other Pokemon in the game? Like Blaziken, Pichu, Lucario, and ....Mewtwo? Well, Pichu will have one, but the other 3 won't. 


Classic Rivaly

I will be posting more news later, but you may not see any MUGEN action of these guys for a while, so be on your toes.


I can see your all impatient...

For now, I'll post pics of the fighters and how they'll be.

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