Hi everyone, this is Windindi, coming at you with another blog! Today, I bring... a special announcement!



That's right! It's Mewtwo!! But... I already announced his inclusion for NvC... That's not the point, the point is... I'm doing a FREE MEWTWO 3DS GIVEAWAY!!! (DU-DDUUUUUUUUUHHHH!!)

This special offer will be done by blog, and if you wish to be involved, comment bellow and your in! Here's the challenge!


Using Ikemen, you will be able to play as 10 out of the entire roster of characters and fight! But which characters are going to be in the game are all dependent on YOU!! Remember, the list must be, 4 Nintendo, 4 Capcom, and 2 3rd Party! The winner of the contest will be determined by a future watchable tournament held (probably, I'm not sure JUST yet) at Twitch! More details will be posted in the future!

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