Hello everyone! I am here to explain some things about Casual and Competitive modes for Nintendo vs. Capcom, as of recently, I have recieved a lot of questions about what makes both versions diffrent. Well anyways, allow me to explain!

Casual Version

  • Will have unlockable content, characters, stages, exc. 
  • Card Valt! This is an exclusive thing for NvC. If you like Trophies in Smash Bros, then you'll love these!
  • and finally... Story Mode! I'll explain that in a later blog. 

Competative Version

  • No unlockable anything, it's all avalable for you from the get go!
  • Frame Data Cards! This is exclusive to this version, it shows how many frames an attack does/ hitboxes/ exc. 
  • Online Mode! Nuff said
  • Sandbag reader! This is pretty new to the version, and I'll try to get info for you guys later. 

Well, that pretty much sums it up, but you know, I will reveal stuff later on!

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