New Stuff! Yay!

New Characters in Demo v0.2

*Hastune Miku!
*M Bison!

And finally...

Red and Yellow

These two!

Red and Yellow

I talked about them in the past, and I will re-new them, so you all can have a clear understanding.


Red will be a brute character alongside Pikachu, who can summon 4 Pokémon to aid Pikachu in battle, remember though, your Pokémon can be hurt though! And if they faint, your out of luck, or even if Pikachu gets knocked out, it's over for you. Red's strategy is to keep a distance as well as beat the opponent up! Red's Pokémon will include:

  • Poliwrath (Strong Punches and kicking)
  • Venusaur (SolarBeam, takes a little while to load)
  • Aerodactyl (Wing Attack, great for combos!)
  • Snorlax (Replaced Gyarados due to programing, he will simply block your opponent from attacking, unless he can dodge Snorlax!)


Yellow isn't as brutal as Red, but she also has Pikachu! Also, she can heal Pikachu, but beware! You can only use this ability FOUR times! It heals Pikachu a total of half his life back! But don't worry, Pikachu's stamina is poor, so it isn't like that it's OP in anyway. She also has assist Pokémon, but if they get knocked out, she can heal them as well, but it takes away a chance to heal Pikachu, so beware on how you use her powers! Yellow's Pokémon are:

  • Rattacade (Incredible Hyper Fang! Yikes!)
  • Butterfree (Simply Flies and uses Sleep Powder, putting your foe to sleep.)
  • Golem (Roll Out, baby! It takes time to charge up, but what if you use Pikachu's electric attacks to help him out?)
  • Omastar (Ice Beam, Freeze your opponent for a few seconds, use this time to attack with some power!)

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