• Brand new background!
  • Brand new lifebar!
  • Using Z2's Goku and Vegeta (DBZ in general)!
  • Luigi will have a change in playstyle!
  • New characters!
  • Bug fixes

Characters going under major changes

  1. Luigi (Making a non clone)
  2. Bowser (Better Graphics)
  3. M. Bison (AI shortage)
  4. Akuma (AI shortage)
  5. Link (Better Graphics)
  6. Pikachu (Adding Red and Yellow)
  7. Pichu (Adding Gold)
  8. Mewtwo (?)
  9. Ness (AI shortage)
  10. Cpt. Falcon (AI shortage)
  11. Cpt. Commando (AI shortage)
  12. Mega-Man
  13. Mega-Man Volnutt (AI shortage)
  14. Mike Haggar
  15. Jill Valentine (Non Blood edit)
  16. Dark Magician Girl
  17. Goku (Complete Change)
  18. Vegeta (Complete Change)
  19. Krillin (Complete Change)

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