Shout out to PlasmoidThunder, but if it were not for him, the progress of the next demo would be VERY slow, but now, it will be out as soon as I can fix a few bugs and such. Also, the logo looks AWESOME! And here is what you'll be seing. 


Like it?

Plus a realy awesome title theme! 


I have been thinking, since you have all been realy suportive, this demo will feature a SUPRIZE ELEMENT! I do not want to spill the beans, but I'll give you clues!

Clues for Suprize 1!

  • Revealed in 1987
  • Super strong
  • has a "E" in his name
  • featured in many titles regarding his series

Clues for Suprize 2!

  • Revealed in 2002
  • A final-FINAL boss (so to speak)
  • A legend
  • All you need to do is look up

Hope this challenges you all to think! And if you can solve them, I'll let you know! In the next blog! 

Oh, and one more thing! How do you make characters have specific theme music? ;)

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