Besides Nintendo vs. Capcom, I will also be producing a completely new project, and I know I said such in the past, but this is a 100% guarantee deal. Anyways, here's the game!

The Young United: World Wide Melee

Yay!! Don't worry, it's still a fighter, but this time around, it'll be characters straight out of the Young United story! (The Young United is a comic series I am making) Anyways, I can reveal a couple characters for the game, so here they are!

  1. Thomas (The Sapphire Prince)
  2. William (The Ruby Prince)
  3. Sol (Parody of Vegeta Prince of his Alien race)
  4. Frieja (Totaly Frieza Evil Prince dictator)
  5. Gwen (That Goth chick from Total Drama)
  6. Cameron (That nerd from Total Drama)
  7. ??? (What? You expect me to reveal this to you?)
  8. ??? (What? You expect me to reveal this to you?)

The "???" characters will be revealed if you all really want to see them, but anyways, that's the news I have for now! Also, keep voting for who you want for NvC!

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