GMᴜɢᴇɴ - Yer Game's Broken01:00

GMᴜɢᴇɴ - Yer Game's Broken

This was a glitch in Nintendo vs. Capcom that was discovered by MUGEN Database admin PlasmoidThunder. Thanks for the feedback on this! I'll patch this into the game so that people don't have to download both files. (The game and this fix) If there are any other glitches or fixes you think the NvC team should do, always leave a message and we will certantly look into it! Thanks a lot! 

My overall reaction

Honestly, this glitch is pretty funny. I have never (personally) encountered this glitch, yet apparantly Jenngra did, so I am sorry this wasn't patched, but I'll get to it asap. Throughout the video, I noticed that it threw certain characters, and others not, which makes me question why did it trigger a throw. Also, I noticed that the hyper screen and Amingo just stood there, but can it be triggered off if you attack them? (I have no idea) 

Bellow is the new version

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