Get Ready to Kick Butt!

With a MvC2 like style, you'll play NvC in a simmilar way! it's a two vs two melee to see who wins! Also, there are assist types! But pick carefully, because everyone only has one! These assist types are:

  1. Rush Down
    - Rush into your foes and deal a heavy hit!
  2. Heal
    - Heal your ally! But do it quickly, your in a fight, you know!
  3. Strike
    - Counter and strike, anazing to trick your foes with!
  4. Projectile
    - Make it hard on your foes by blasting them with a projectile!
  5. Aerial
    - If ground isn't your thing, do it in the air!

Low Tier to Low Mercy

Low tier characters from the past that you know of are showing a new face, and it isn't a pretty one ether, so watch out!


Roll has always been bottom of the barrel, but I think she would like to present herself as a whole new face, and it's still cute, but... not like before!

Roll's New Attacks

I showed you all this yesterday, but this is what I'm doing to Roll. I played both TvC and MvC to see what needed fixing, and I found out how to make Roll better, and it doesn't take a expert to figure this one out.

We are combining her movesets from TvC and MvC to make her a threat, we also increased her jumping maneuvering to make her a threat in the air. So beware, she won't be like before!



Blanka was originally one of the best Street Fighters, but throughout the years, Blanka is less and less used by competative players because...I have no idea honestly, but here's a taste of what happened to Blanka to make him better!

  • Blanka is now faster on the ground
  • Blanka has the best super jump in NvC
  • Blanka's signature electric shock breaks deffences
  • Blanka has farther range than before



(Zangief article needs sprites)

Doing Zangief wasn't that hard to do honestly, we made him faster, and we also gave him big air combo, but of course, he's better on the ground. But as a result, he has lower stamina, but it's nothing to freak out about.


Ness SSB4

We made Ness like his SSB4 counterpart, and trust us, it's a big threat.


Bowser MP10
With Bowser, we made him a bit faster and more like he is in Project M, we also made him play like a llittle like SSB4, bit we focused more on Project M style.


We made Kirby an air fighter, and his hyper attacks are pretty good. Also, we adjusted his A.I. to not be a punching bag. He will also be pretty light, so be careful!

That's all we'll announce for now...

oh wait! One more thing!

ElfKitty Magicant

This stage is coming SUPER SOON!!

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