Original Comment by BrawlTheMan

Here's a new little series I'll be doing: Arcade runs of full games. Here's me playing a game that a friend of mine, Windindi, made on the Mugen Database. I played through with Captain Commando. There are quite a few issues with this game, sorry to say. A lot of these characters have much better versions (there are a few of Ryouwin's chars and IMT chars. in fact, Captain Commando is made by R@CE, where a lot better version has been made by Splode). The chars's sizes have been altered so that they're smaller. but the problem with this is that some of the projectiles come out at the original height, making them useless. Sure, some have been altered (Like Megaman's) but others haven't (like Goku and Baby Commando). Some characters play like marvel (or fairly close to Marvel), but others stray from that path, like Sonic, Duck Hunt Dog, and our friend I just used. I didn't lose once, because, strangely enough, THERE ARE NO CONTINUES. He is aware of this issue though, so that's something. Oh, and some stages don't have music. That's criminal. Oh well, I find compilation games nostalgic. An innocent time before I got involved with the mugen community, where I made a large impaAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH­A. Enjoy the vid while I laugh some more.' -BrawlTheMan

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Captain Commando-005:48

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Captain Commando-0

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Duck Hunt Dog-007:55

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Duck Hunt Dog-0

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Sonic-107:48

Nintendo Vs Capcom Arcade Runs Sonic-1

Windindi's responce

First off, with the better versions thing, I'm always open to good ol' suggestions! and this'll help me out! Also, the projectile thing has always been a mess on my side, and I am trying to clean all that up in a jiffy; so my bad. The no continue thingy is going to be fixed, but that's placed in there for demo purposes. The final game for sure won't include such thing. Also, I always am so lost on characters I usually forget the stages, but recently, I have been putting my time more into stages rather than characters for the meanwhile, so next time the "final" demo gets an update, you'll see more stages and more music. (I always enjoy the music part :D ) Actually, I updated Sonic so that he has a MvC2 control style, so have fun with that!(Help from Jenga) But most of all, thank you for making a playthrough of it! I'm for sure trying to imporove what I can for the better and for the future!

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