Hey there, Barack has been updated, and its freakin chaotic, he has new strikers which make him a bit like Zeeky and a devastating new super move that is sure to make him even more cheap.

No changelog, but heres some of his new moves:



Barack's update brings new strikers, one of them being Homer.

Barack calling Crow to strike his enemy:


Crow even is a striker, as a parody to him. :)

Barack's new devastating Super:


You all might know where this move comes from, Barack has his own version of this deadly one of a kind move.

Download Chaotic Barack here:


As of this update, he is 100% complete, updates will still be made but will be minor updates.

Also, post feedback if you like because I always enjoy feedback.


Now that Barack is complete, I can get started on another character I've been planning called Katamari Joe, I'll post more information about my new WIP tommarow.

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