So, lately  people have been saying that "Trixie is the new George Goodlake", other's said that she is worse than Idiot and GooGoo64's creations combined and some of those people have made some true facts about her and why I can't improve upon it:

The author

I can't change who I am, but I will admit, I have done some really goofy things for the past time.

The sprites have resizing issues.

I am working on this the best I could, and making the quality suffer is how I have to do it. It's not because I was looking for random vectors off the Internet and posting them like the previous version of Trixie. I used a flash puppet and took pictures of it. It's not that detailed in position, but it is a lot better than how I draw ponies. Because of my screenshot tool, the resizing problems occured.

OP Attacks.

  • Sigh* really you guys? Really? God. Fuck me. Might as well not have her attack at all. But in  the first version, she did have  an OP parasprite attack. I've made the parasprite only take a small amount of damage and people are still complaining.

I've learned something, today... quality is better than quantity, and people would look always look at the quality and make sure it's perfect or else, yeah. You'll end up like me. Constantly get messages that I am a piece of shit. I guess it's a natural thing for people to do.

Thanks, you guys. You gave me a chance, and your nitpickiness took the chance away. I've made this character to see if I improved in the Mugen community standards, and apparently freaking not. I can't stand the Mugen community anymore and I am gonna leave. I'll just go back to playing Minecraft and Fallout: New Vegas, now.  I guess I just suck at everything no matter what like people like Don Nob said. I'm just gonna forget that Mugen ever existed and go on with my life. Probably catch that new South Park season that is coming out soon (Yeah, I have no life).

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