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  • I live in A village in Animal Crossing
  • I was born on January 1
  • I am Fe male (Iron man)
  • Wendy-Testaburger

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  • Wendy-Testaburger

    I came back because I had this inside joke in mind since I came to Mugen is to make one of my least favorite characters from anything and replace their heads from Mr. Mackey's and call it a Mugen character. I couldn't do it since I didn't know how to draw or rip South Park characters. I'm using KFM 09 as the template. A bit of an upgrade from the old KFM. Before I can be in peace I must make this Mugen character for inside joke sakes.

    Yay more bashing material.


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  • Wendy-Testaburger

    So, lately  people have been saying that "Trixie is the new George Goodlake", other's said that she is worse than Idiot and GooGoo64's creations combined and some of those people have made some true facts about her and why I can't improve upon it:

    The author

    I can't change who I am, but I will admit, I have done some really goofy things for the past time.

    The sprites have resizing issues.

    I am working on this the best I could, and making the quality suffer is how I have to do it. It's not because I was looking for random vectors off the Internet and posting them like the previous version of Trixie. I used a flash puppet and took pictures of it. It's not that detailed in position, but it is a lot better than how I draw ponies. Because of my scr…

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  • Wendy-Testaburger

    Intro 1:

    Intro 2:  Franko's taunt in Mugen

    Holdd attack:

    Standard attacks: Pencil Whipped!

    Win(Moonwalking shoes): Angry Video Game Nerd on The Simpsons games

    Breaking his head, run back: Tourettes Guy (ASS included, noted to be used by Niggah by Aracadboi and Retarded Luigi by Idiot)

    Win(World explodes): No idea. Some people use that line as an inside joke, so I couldn't find the original audio. Can't find the loud screaming either.

    Unused sound (Okay, stop right here...): Nostalgia Critic, not sure what review.


    Launch up and attack with head: TIGER UPPERCUT!!!!!!!!!…

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  • Wendy-Testaburger

    Intro (Fries, and a coke):

    "And then the Dalek came out and punched Sonic in the face" Liu Kang death sound in Mortal Kombat 2

    "Toasty": Toasty, good combo in Mortal Kombat 2

    Regular Punch: Fred Fred Burger's NACHOS


    Full power: Some song when Jason appears. Don't know what it's called.

    D,y  in the air: The Scout's BONK

    Win (Score):


    Medium punch:

    Intro (Kick the board): Kung Fu Man

    Intro(ULTIMATE POWER): Shadow the Hedgehog in G major …

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