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  • I live in Tijuana BC, México
  • My occupation is Creador de M.U.G.E.N/M.U.G.E.N Creator. Creador de Skins de Minecraft/Minecraft Skin Creator.
  • I am Hombre/Male
  • Shimmering Brony


    Today is The Three Kings day, or Dia de Reyes in latin america, and I am going to finally release my most awaited character,

    Sunset Shimmer!!!

    Here's The Three Kings gift for everyone who were waiting for her!!

    Also, here's a latin spanish voicepack, cus' why not, I'm mexican

    More info here:

    Now, how to make Sunset WinMUGEN compatible:

    Because Sunset has files for WinMugen, the only thing to do is:

    Add '_win' to the character's folder name.

    The result should be SunsetShimmer_win.

    Here's a video to commemorate this release!

    Make sure to send feedback i…

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  • Shimmering Brony

    After watching the first Equestria Girls movie, loved it, just like the other two movies, I thought it would be a good idea to make human Sunset Shimmer for MUGEN, so why not? Of course, she will be based on her first appearace, as a meanie.

    With custom sprites in both Warner and Botchan-MLP style, as she's not that hard to sprite, though her head is kind of hard to sprite...

    A KoF-stlyed character with an original moveset.

    NOTE: On her animations and gif previews posted here show that her sprites have been repleased with bigger ones, I will repleace the animations and gifs showing her original slightly small sprites with new ones.


    More stuff comes if more progress is done :)

    Wall of GIFs

    Magical Combustion

    Counter Flame

    Sledgehammer Sp…

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  • Shimmering Brony

    So I released a public beta of my second character, Alex...

    Whats needed to be added?

    • A winpose.
    • A hyper.
    • A finisher.
    • More compatibilities.

    Any feedback?


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  • Shimmering Brony

    So, I decided to do a public beta release of Arnold...

    What's needed to be added:

    • A hyper
    • A finisher.
    • Three last strikers.
    • More compatibilities.

    Any feedback?

    Here's the link:

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  • Shimmering Brony

    ¡Hello MUGENites!

    This is my first W.I.P Blog, its from Arnold.


    Gum Throw

    Tomato Throw

    Water Gun Shoot

    Football Ball Throw

    Baseball Bat







    Karate Arnold

    Kart Arnold

    ¿Who will be the 4th helper for Arnold? ¿Harold or Abner?



    Harold: 0

    Abner: (2 on the M.U.G.E.N Database chat and 2 not on it) in total are 4.

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