Hey guys. It's me, the Mugen Database newcomer Tigrus879 on my first blog post. I will be posting new blogs about certian M.U.G.E.N topics anytime soon. So stick tune to more blogs.

Notice: This might be the first GOOD chao character there will be. (I worked a while on him).

Tigrus, the peculiar dark chaos chao I own in SA2B, is ready for download.

You can download him at Don't wait (or do if you're really not that interested.....)!

He includes 4 hypers and 3 specials like "Demon's Rifle!" and "Call Dark Chao!"!

If you see problems with Tigrus, leave a message at my Talk Page, I will improve him and remove the current problems with him if possible.

Bonus: With every download of, comes with most of his sprites (Note: use them responsibly...i'm dead serious.) which can be used to create your own Tigrus or Devil Chao char :)!

Have a nice day! :)

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