hello and sorry because bad english


well the janito ortiz char was downloable since forever but the another chars (king of angry birds and me) now can celebrate in your PC and your MUGEN but that chars are a little weaks but that it's no important now the important it's you can download it

Click here for download Janito Ortiz

Click here for my custom char and angry king

Next Chars :D

well friends,my ideas it's create the next characters

smile.jpg (creepypasta)

Smile dog practice painting by inkswell-d6y4gpz

well I like this dog and I will (or can) add him to mugen


Scp 087 b by conn77877-d6e7s15

this famous (but no much) horror game scared too people and I will add him to MUGEN because I like this character


well,I hate this emoticon but I will add him to mugen because I do not hate much this little face


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