Hello my friends and sorry of my bad english

I am The Noob 64 a super bad char creator but I will see if I will go be a perfect char creator because I only finished 3 chars and 1 you can download

Janito Ortiz

well my friends,I added my first char and was the most baddest I never made,and it's a children spanish youtube user and his name is Janito Ortiz,I only made (like) a pallete swap from the satanchu's steve and that steve was a sprite...why Im sayin this? if everybody know it

King Of Angry Birds/Angry Face

well friends this is my second char and it's only another spriteswap from that guy's terence (big brother bird) from the angry birds


yeah guys I will make my third char and will be myself but (because I am noob) will be again another spriteswap from old rigby (1105) I will delete the tail and the eyes will be blue because if it's black will be a invisible eyes and will ve like that fnaf's kid soul


well my dude,because Im too slow and very bad creating chars I will finish the adventure whit more chars

so you comment you want but seriusly,Im so bad with the editor and that's why I need fighter factory

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