Hello again and sorry because bad english

now I will make an horror character I forever wanted see

Scp 087b by silverdragon116-d4zz0cb



well my friends I forever wanted watch the not much famous SCP-987-B in MUGEN because I like the character and later I will finish and I will make a video from my youtube (SlenderBoy119) to show How Will be


I will use that SMBZ's mario and I promise will not be bad Well Im so noob making a original character. Really?


I want to add a screamer to the SCP-087-B char but I dont know how to add the screamer

I will need HELP ;-;

Pallete Swap

well this char will finish with a pallete swap and wll be with the black thing


Scp 087 b by creepypasta fan-d5lou3b

You are free to comment

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