• The Noob 64

    ...hello again and sorry because bad english again,well the thing it's,I will stop making mugen chars but I will make a future char but...nobody will like it :(

    I know nobody will like this char,but,I will make all the possible things,if I fail,I will abandon MUGEN DATABASE forever :(

    but i will enter if i need a new char :v

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  • The Noob 64


    March 30, 2015 by The Noob 64

    hello again and sorry because bad english

    well like the title I will cancel the SCP-087-B idea but I will delete really the idea,I only need use other char for the work

    this can be the char's example




    I do not add all my chars because will be so boring XD

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  • The Noob 64

    A New Char

    March 30, 2015 by The Noob 64

    Hello again and sorry because bad english

    now I will make an horror character I forever wanted see


    well my friends I forever wanted watch the not much famous SCP-987-B in MUGEN because I like the character and later I will finish and I will make a video from my youtube (SlenderBoy119) to show How Will be

    I will use that SMBZ's mario and I promise will not be bad Well Im so noob making a original character. Really?

    I want to add a screamer to the SCP-087-B char but I dont know how to add the screamer

    I will need HELP ;-;

    well this char will finish with a pallete swap and wll be with the black thing


    You are free to comment

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  • The Noob 64

    hello and sorry because bad english


    well the janito ortiz char was downloable since forever but the another chars (king of angry birds and me) now can celebrate in your PC and your MUGEN but that chars are a little weaks but that it's no important now the important it's you can download it

    Click here for download Janito Ortiz

    Click here for my custom char and angry king

    well friends,my ideas it's create the next characters

    well I like this dog and I will (or can) add him to mugen

    this famous (but no much) horror game scared too people and I will add him to MUGEN because I like this character

    well,I hate this emoticon but I will add him to mugen because I do not hate much this little face

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  • The Noob 64

    Hi Everybody

    March 29, 2015 by The Noob 64

    Hello my friends and sorry of my bad english

    I am The Noob 64 a super bad char creator but I will see if I will go be a perfect char creator because I only finished 3 chars and 1 you can download

    well my friends,I added my first char and was the most baddest I never made,and it's a children spanish youtube user and his name is Janito Ortiz,I only made (like) a pallete swap from the satanchu's steve and that steve was a sprite...why Im sayin this? if everybody know it

    well friends this is my second char and it's only another spriteswap from that guy's terence (big brother bird) from the angry birds

    yeah guys I will make my third char and will be myself but (because I am noob) will be again another spriteswap from old rigby (1105) I will delete …

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