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  • TheWaluigiking

    God i feel stupid for asking this, How do i change the number of matches in arcade mode from the usual 6 to 10 in both team and single player mode?

    It's been so long since i tried any edits to my game so i'm rusty.

    this is my select def entry [Options]
    ;Here you set the maximum number of matches to fight before game ends
    ;in Arcade Mode. The first number is the number of matches against
    ;characters with order=1, followed by order=2 and order=3 respectively.
    ;For example, for 4,3,1 you will fight up to 4 randomly-picked
    ;characters who have order=1, followed by 3 with order=2 and 1 with
    ;Up to 30 entries allowed.
    arcade.maxmatches = 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

    Maximum number of matches to fight before game ends in Team Mode.
    ;Like arcade.maxmatches, …

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  • TheWaluigiking

    So yeah i was inactive for a while.

    What'd i miss?

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  • TheWaluigiking

    Wikia problem?

    January 11, 2014 by TheWaluigiking

    I've noticed in some places of the wiki i cannot see my icon or certain users icons.

    Server problem perhaps?

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  • TheWaluigiking

    I deiced to follow the fad that Mariomario678910 first created with the best Luigi with the Waluigi's that i think are the best. Everyone has opinions.

    Warioman's version

    Mr IZBS's version

    Bigshowforall's version

    Ivan Luiz's version   

    SSBR2's version

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  • TheWaluigiking

    What do you guys think of it? It looks intresting to me.

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