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  • TheMoarKrabsSquirrel

    Although I think it's odd to bring up a topic like this, I'm just asking some stuff.

    Anyway, I'm simply making characters, all (sadly, in tha case of spriteswap haters) spriteswaps as you expect, including an intentionally bad Malleo spriteswap based off of Idiot's Retarded characters, and a simple recolor of SuperMario64.

    The reason why I'm writing this is because of an error:

    Whenever I try to load one of my spriteswaps, I get an error message that looks like this:

    (example from a MOAR Krabs spriteswap entitled in-game as "Glitchy Meme Charizard").

    "Error Message: need at least 1 command

    Error in moar.cmd

    Error loading chars/Charizard/Charizard.def

    Error loading p1"

    So... What can I do to make the spriteswap work?

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