If you want to draw a Jimmie sprite for me or you want to make specials and hypers, comment with them.


These powers? 


1. Epic Sauce 

2. Super Bomb 

3. Assist. Dan 

4. Assist. Chrisie

5. Assist. Richie 

6. Assist. Jerry 

7. Assist. Niko 

8. Assist. MS Paint Pals 


1. Cartoon Guy Rampage

2. Bob Rampage

3. Super Storm

4. (Final) Land Spikes

Or these?


1. Giant Soda

2. Cartoon Guy AI

3. Bob AI

4. Assist. Pizza Jerk


1. Bob Projectile

2. Cartoon Guy Projectile

3. Super Bomb X3

4. (Final) Super Ground Rumble

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