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Yoshi fighting Kirby on Ryon's Final Destination




NeoKamek's Version
Bane84's Version
Ryon's Version
EXShadow's First Version
EXShadow's Second Version
TheMasterGamerify's Version
SM853's Version
ElGod(Yokosei)'s Version

Final Destination is a stage from the Super Smash Bros. series. This stage, the last stage a player encounters in the series' Classic mode (1P-mode in the original Super Smash Bros.), is often home to Master Hand, the primary boss of said mode, and Crazy Hand, one of the other bosses.

Final Destination has been made for M.U.G.E.N by various creators, but the most well-known version is the one made by NeoKamek, which has been edited twice, with both edits altering the background images.

NeoKamek's Final Destination

This is the most well-known version of the Final Destination M.U.G.E.N stage. It is a sprited version of the Super Smash Bros. Melee incarnation, with background animations that switch between soaring through space, and other M.U.G.E.N stages, mimicking what happens while fighting on Final Destination in Melee.

Background Music

The music used is the default theme that plays on Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Homer Simpson fighting Peter Griffin on NeoKamek's Final Destination

SM853's Final Destination Edit

An edit of NeoKamek's Final Destination, SM853's version retains the base sprites, but uses a larger array of background images and a smoother star field animation.


Kung-fu-man fighting Suave dude on SM853's Final Destination

ElGod(Yokosei)'s Final Destination Edit

ElGod(Yokosei)'s Final Destination is an edit of NeoKamek's Final Destination, revamping the graphics, as well as adding both custom background elements and ones ripped from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Bane84's SSBB Final Destination

This version of Final Desination is made only for his SSBB Kirby. If you play on this stage with all players SSBB Kirby, you have to set some stuff up, and you can play a Super Smash Bros.-style fight. It has no background effects, and is extremely buggy when used in a normal fight (e.g. not SSBB Kirby vs. SSBB Kirby).


A SSBB styled Kirby fight on Bane84's Final Destination

Ryon's Final Destination

This version is based off the Super Smash Bros. Brawl incarnation of Final Destination. Being a stage with basic visuals, this version is of high resolution and comes with two different .def files: one with the iconic ocean sunset, and the other without. It's one of the lesser-known versions of Final Destination.

Background Music

The music used is the default theme that plays on Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Yoshi fighting Kirby on Ryon's Final Destination

EXShadow's First Final Destination

This version seems to be a combination of both Brawl's and Melee's Final Destination. It has the design of the Melee version, but objects and music from Brawl's version. It has been criticised heavily for being "ugly", "too bright" and "having an odd-looking floor".

Background Music

The music used is the default theme that plays on Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Link fighting Fat_Tony on Exshadow's Final Destination

EXShadow's Second Final Destination

A supposed edit of his old version, this newer version is entirely based off Brawl's Final Destination (aside from the music, for some reason). Though it is still low-res, the colossal amount and the size of the sprites present in its sprite file has the potential to cause major lag on some computers, particularly on low-end machines. It was much better received than its predecessor, though a common complaint was to do with the huge, 181 MB file size and the lag it caused.

Background Music

The music used is the default theme that plays on Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Melee, with the Continue? and Game Over themes included at the very end.


Sonic The Hedgehog fighting Vegeta on ExShadow's second Final Destination

TheMasterGamerify's Final Destination

TheMasterGamerify's Final Destination is based on how it appears in the original Super Smash Bros. This is also noted as being TheMasterGamerify's most downloaded stage with at least 500 downloads.

Background Music

The music used is a remix of the Final Destination theme from the original Super Smash Bros. using the Super Nintendo soundfont.


arion fighting Jetgoshi on TheMasterGamerify's Final Destination)



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