I hope i can say this without offending anyone here, but this wiki seems to be full of children aside from the admins/mods , brawlyoshi, cylenk, and a few others. I mean this website is the second result you get when you search mugen in google besides the wikipedia article. So when some kid searches something like mario vs spongebob the first thing they're gonna get is a mugen video. Then they end up discovering every shitty mugen cartoon character plus dooby dummy, deebeekaw and omega tiger woods(the old versions). So they naturally want to create some cartoon character or their own original character, then they make some lousy ms paint sprites then add in some stolen coding or they make it a spriteswap, ok. They then release it on this wiki, then they keep doing the same thing. I think it eventually becomes a thing they do for popularity or attention. The sad part isn't that their creations suck, but that alot of them are almost completely ignorant of their creation's flaws and act as if it was the greatest thing in mugen history. I mean alot of TIS's creations aren't good, but atleast he admits that they suck.

Another thing is that this stuff that happens on this wiki probably scares alot of people away from the mugen community. They see the stupid shit that happens here and then completely abandon mugen as a whole, not knowing that places like and other forums exist where other people like sharing their creations because people will enjoy them, not because it will get them popular or whatever. I know this is a database for mugen, not a forum or whatever, but other talented people that are new to mugen might come here thinking this is like the mugen central website where everything mugen happens, then find all of the drama and shit here disgusting. This kind of happened to me where i thought this was like mugen central, but the admins and mods and a few contributors had their shit together, unlike most of the other people that were there at the time, which is kind of why i have been here so long. I really don't edit at all (those 100 edits were just comments and blog posts and me editing my profile) here so yeah...

I'm not siding with spewgen on this one or whatever. I think that the articles here are pretty good for a mugen wiki (come on guys do you know how many fucking characters and stages there are to document?) and most of the contributors are doing their best to keep it a good wiki.

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