one day in an alternate reality i was walking down the street and everybody that i met had an original point of view. but everything changed when the idiot nation attacked. so i was forced to go to the church of farquad and worship farquad. but then a alien killed all the idiots from the idiot nation with his lazer gun. they suffered a painfull death. he saved my life so i had to repay him. so i saw a cool key chain on a trex's tooth, i decided that the best course of action was to dive into the trex's mouth. it was a stupid idea. he puked. then he stepped on my ankle. it broke. it hurt so much but i do it for alien. i found the key chain. i gave it to the alien. he already had the same one. so i had a new key chain. and then a flash drive poped out of it. it had mugen on it. thats how i got mugen. then i kicked my head off afterwards.

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