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    I am really seriously worried as fuck about this guy and hope that he is healthy and happy and all of that good stuff.

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    top 100 best creators

    December 30, 2014 by SupremeShark

    Tell me your favorite mugen creators and i shall add them to a list here or something. Tell me of any creators that need to be added.


    2 O Ilusionista MelvanaInChains

    3 Dcat SeanAltly

    4 RicePigeon Ðshiznetz

    5 Warner The_None

    6 The 100 Mega Shock! RoySquadRocks

    7 ShinRyoga Ryon

    8 Bane84 Shotgun06

    9 ToonAlexSora007 White Kyurem

    10 Mabskmk Madoldcrow1105

    11 GarchompMatt Jmorphman

    12 Basara-kun Black Kyurem

    13 Cyanide Cybaster

    14 PotS Jesuszilla

    15 Ironcommando Dylanius9000

    16 Daniel9999999 aka Sanae63, Yagami Yuu, Daniel9x7,and Koa-devil OMEGAPSYCHO

    17 Dissidia N64Mario aka N-Mario and GCN Mario

    18 ELECTR0 DDR

    19 Mouser CHOUJIN

    20 Andres Borghi NeoKamek

    21 BaganSmashBros Mother Earth

    Josh Geary(just4thelulz) GooGoo64

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    I hope i can say this without offending anyone here, but this wiki seems to be full of children aside from the admins/mods , brawlyoshi, cylenk, and a few others. I mean this website is the second result you get when you search mugen in google besides the wikipedia article. So when some kid searches something like mario vs spongebob the first thing they're gonna get is a mugen video. Then they end up discovering every shitty mugen cartoon character plus dooby dummy, deebeekaw and omega tiger woods(the old versions). So they naturally want to create some cartoon character or their own original character, then they make some lousy ms paint sprites then add in some stolen coding or they make it a spriteswap, ok. They then release it on this w…

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    Lets get this over with. Yay. 

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    Its like a kewlestest roster contest , only instead of kewl characters you have to have a whole bunch of s**tty characters put together in a horrible vomit fasion. May the most horrible of the horrible win! Videos are preffered with lo-quality linkin park-sonic music.  

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