Well on popular wikis vandals are becoming more and more common

Now I will give you some reasons why I hate vandals:

1. Their Spam Articles: Most spam articles usally consist of a blank page or a template of sorts with nothing on it like for examples are the Mailbox and Crazed Cat pages {If you seen them before they were deleted} they are very annoying and ruin a wiki's quality

2. Sockpuppets or Alt Accounts: Usally a vandal will make a sockpuppet after their main account is blocked Examples include Ivan Luiz {Not to insult him} and Jojoinsully {Again not to insult} I know they are not really trolls but a better example would be the guy who spams on the how to make a template blog post since he uses proxies the only time you create another account is if your account was hacked or something.

3. Vandalizing on Existing articles: You knew this one was coming there is this user called BubbyAustin {I am not insulting him} he put stupid stuff on articles which I consider vandalism.Wiki Contributors usually make up claims that *Insert Author Here* made *Insert Horrible Idea for a Character here*.Its freaking annoying!

4. Deleting Content on pages for no reason: A certain vandal {Whose name should be kept a secret} kept saying that articles that did not have problems in the first place and claim that "It does not meet up to wiki standards" or some crap like that and Nominate for deletion.Another example is that a guy Named DumbNoob {Once again not to insult} nominated the Rainbow Dash page for deletion for no reason!

So those were my reasons why I hate vandals they have stupid spam articles,they create sockpuppets and alt accounts just to vandal some more on those accounts,they vandalize articles just to make people beilieve that the "creator" made it {I know I got fooled into thinking Bobert was made by Placemario},and they stupidly delete content on pages for stupid or no reasons.

Well this is Misdreavus Lord signing out.

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