• Slk Mugen

    Well on popular wikis vandals are becoming more and more common

    Now I will give you some reasons why I hate vandals:

    1. Their Spam Articles: Most spam articles usally consist of a blank page or a template of sorts with nothing on it like for examples are the Mailbox and Crazed Cat pages {If you seen them before they were deleted} they are very annoying and ruin a wiki's quality

    2. Sockpuppets or Alt Accounts: Usally a vandal will make a sockpuppet after their main account is blocked Examples include Ivan Luiz {Not to insult him} and Jojoinsully {Again not to insult} I know they are not really trolls but a better example would be the guy who spams on the how to make a template blog post since he uses proxies the only time you create another ac…

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  • Slk Mugen

    There is this one wikia contributer that is making me mad and its

    Here are reasons he should be blocked:

    1. He inserts false information {TheIranSonic did not make Stimpy and I did not release Ren Hoek Ai Patch Yet and I released Whoild}

    2. Every time people remove his false information he puts it back

    3. He has poor spelling mostly on TheIransonic he spells it Like TheTransonic and TheLransonic

    4. He does not put [[]] on his edits on the pages of the characters that "I" made/edited.

    PlasmoidThunder or Jenngra505 Please block this guy.

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