Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you about my new upcoming project! Now, I am still making "Slimeytoady's All Star Brawl", but I decided to make another one as well! This one is based on Killer Instinct, but also Street Fighter. So I need a name for it, and some suggestions would be nice. Remember, it must have the following in the title: "Killer Instinct Vs Street Fighter". You can add anything extra after that. Underneath is my current plan. This is all I have to say for now. Remember, any title, character, or stages suggestions would be nice!

Confirmed Killer Instinct characters

1. Fulgore (he's my favourite too)

2. Jago

3. Sabrewulf

4. Maya

Confirmed Street Fighter characters

1. Ryu

2. M.Bison

3. Akuma

4. Zangief

5. Cammy

6. Dudley

Confirmed Killer Instinct stages


Confirmed Street Fighter stages

1. SFIV - Crowded Downtown

2. SFIV - Morning Misty Bay (I thinks that's what it's called)

3. SFII - Suzaku Castle (Ryu's stage)

4. SFII - Zangief's stage

5. SFII - E.Honda's stage

Confirmed stages (in the 'other' category)

1. Training stage 720 (a default MUGEN stage)

2. Acid Rain (From Tekken, I think)

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