aka Master Chief21

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is I like to write stories, play Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, and also play M.U.G.E.N as my favourite characters - Mario and Rainbow Dash!
  • I am Male
  • Slimeytoady

    Hiya everyone, Slimeytoady here with a brand-new post. I am going to be talking about two things - the new Sonic baddie 'Infinite', as well as some missing pages on the MUGEN wiki as of this blog.

    So, for those following the Sonic Forces news, there is a new villain (who may or may not be edgier than Shadow himself!) on the block. His name is Infinite, and he really does appear to have 'infinite' power (see what I did there?). Anyway, I've thought about how cool a MUGEN character of Infinite would be. I'd make one, but I would have no idea where to start! But hey, perhaps it's an idea for someone else...?

    Onto my next topic - missing pony pages. The Rarity and Pinkie Pie pages no longer appear to be on the MUGEN Database. At some point, I wi…

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  • Slimeytoady

    I'm asking a lot of questions here but I can't help it. I need to fully 100% understand how to code everything in M.U.G.E.N to stop asking as many questions. My topic now though: How do you convert wav files into au files?

    You see, I've been able to find a English soundpack for Tron Bonne (at last!). But, it's a wav file. Anyway to make it a au file? I'd prefer that you don't have to download any software, but I'd just like a answer at the end of the day. Help please!?

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  • Slimeytoady

    The Tron Bonne character that I have is Ryou Win's version. I was hoping that someone could make or give me a MVC3 English sound patch/pack for this version of Tron Bonne. You see, I would like my Tron Bonne to have this voicepack in my game, because, I suppose I prefer that voice than her MVC2 Japanese voice.

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  • Slimeytoady

    I am going to cancel the project. Maybe not permanently forever, but permanently until I can get enough time to think about making it. I've got a lot of homework and school work you see. I just haven't got the time. But there is always another time that I could make KI v SF. Would be cool if someone could make the project for me instead of me making it. But that won't happen... Bye everyone, until my next blog post.

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  • Slimeytoady

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you about my new upcoming project! Now, I am still making "Slimeytoady's All Star Brawl", but I decided to make another one as well! This one is based on Killer Instinct, but also Street Fighter. So I need a name for it, and some suggestions would be nice. Remember, it must have the following in the title: "Killer Instinct Vs Street Fighter". You can add anything extra after that. Underneath is my current plan. This is all I have to say for now. Remember, any title, character, or stages suggestions would be nice!

    1. Fulgore (he's my favourite too)

    2. Jago

    3. Sabrewulf

    4. Maya

    1. Ryu

    2. M.Bison

    3. Akuma

    4. Zangief

    5. Cammy

    6. Dudley


    1. SFIV - Crowded Downtown

    2. SFIV - Morning Misty Bay (I thinks that's what it'…

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