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    August 4, 2013 by Red Pika

    Hey People 6sonic6 here to say that i'm hosting MUGEN character request (To make) but only three spots.

    • On a side note: If it's a character from a game or show YOU'RE GOIN HAVE TO GIVE ME WHERE THERE AT (Which web and stuff) I WON'T TAKE A OC REQUEST!*
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    Characters i'm making

    July 11, 2013 by Red Pika

    Well i'm new and I have some characters I'm going to work on.

    Spongebob (SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie from GBA)

    Jock The Black Man (With help from 6tails6)

    Colt (3 Ninjas)

    Tin Man (The Wizard Of OZ)

    Gohan (Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension)

    Troll Super Mario (Joke edit of Super Mario)

    Red Pika (OC)

    Slender Man (Yeah He's out to get you all!!!)

    That's all, Good Bye!

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