Dee Bee Kaw:

WHAT'S UP, *******?!

My name is Dee Bee Kaw. When I'm not brutally murdering every poorly made MUGEN character besides Chuck Norris, I enjoy.... uh.. reading the Epic Rap Battles Of MUGEN.

So I've been wondering, where in the name of Elecbyte is the new battle?!

So I took things into my own hands. I rode a chariot pulled by hamsters to Random's house, crashed into his room, and said,

"Make the new battle, before I rip off your face and feed it to a walrus!"

I also forced him to make a battle with me in it. Tell that numbskull that his headswap is after him.

The new battle will be out soon. Until then, watch videos of me destroying everything existent.

Dee Bee Kaw awayyyyy! *explodes*

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