I have done on an edit of RistaR87's Cartoon M.U.G.E.N!.i think i make Cartoon M.U.G.E.N 2 that is not and edit it will have new characters in that one.Anyway Jedipolice's Arthur Read's def flie not work in this one so i had Blue Addvark. here is the roster new Cover

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Characters below








Rainbow dash

Update 2:any way this is all the characters Characters

Billy By Zeeky Zapper

Rocko By WlanmaniaX

Zim By WlanmaniaX

Blue Aardvark By WlanmaniaX

Knuckles By Soniconefan

Sylvester By Speedy9199

Bugs By storm0062

Daffy By Jay_High19

Taz By fer619

Chowder By Placemario

Tails By BowserKoopa

Ed By Stickman14

Eddy By Stickman14

Danny Phantom By Weegeeisgoingtoklim Mugenfan's Edit My Edit

Jake the Dog By Ivan Luiz Placemario's Edit

Scooby Doo By Beanfan112

Dexter By Placemario

Mandark By Placemario

Kung Timmy By Sid Kane

Spongebob By Placemario

Patrick By TheSlkMugen

Garfield By Fer619 Aperson98's Edit

Sonic By Claymazier SC1614 Edit

Super Mario By ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH SM853's Edit

Super Luigi By ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH SM853's Edit

Wario By Warner

Waluigi By Warioman Ivan luiz's Edit

Princess Peach By EugeneQ Beta Verson

Bowser By K.Y-Shanxi

Gumball By Sonicadam2

Darwin By Tanicfan22

Penny By Konw386


lindinha/Bubbles By 007

Buttercup By SSSonic

Flapjack By Sonicadam2

Homer By Warner Unkown's Edit

Marge By Beanfan112

Bartman By Warner


Peter By Warner Luigi-Master's Edit

Brian By INfamous

Giant Chicken By Warner Team SMRT's Verson

Ami By Kenshin

Yumi By Kenshin bbh's Edit

Julie By Kenshin

Bloo By Hyper-Beaner Stickman14's Edit

Ren by MelvanaInChain WlanmaniaX's Edit

Stimpy by WlanmaniaX

Heather By ErichGrooms1

Duncan By Ivan Luiz

Rigby By Sonicadam2 Jedipolice's Verson Wlanmaniax's Edit

Fred By Warner

Amy By Uglook

Cream By latroy6

Rainbow Dash By SoGGy

all these characters and stages are not made by me.only my edit danny phantom and my stage the battleflied

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