hey Everybody this is Cartoon mugen 2 with new Cartoon Characters.and its works in Mugen 1.0

characters by other characters replaced

Taz by Aperson39

Spongebob by Drog1105

Rigby By Sonicadam2 Edited Jedipolice & WlanmaniaX:Updated 1.0 patch

Gumball by TheIranSonic

Darwin By Tanicfan22:New Verson if it ever comes out

new comers from the mugen cretors

Dib By WlanmaniaX:if it ever comes out

George By WlanmaniaX

Darkwing dark by Aperson39

Finn by Placemario/Fleixmario in June

Mordecai by Placemario/Fleixmario2011 in May

Plankton by Placemario/Fleixmario2011 unkown month


jerry by Ivan luiz

Chip the computer by TheSlkMugen

Cheezy the real Computer Mouse By Ivan Luiz

Sliver The Hedehog By Latroy6

Rouge the bat by Latroy6

Cartoon Mr Bean by ivan luiz or WlanmaniaX:if it ever comes out

Princess Bubblegum By Drog1105

Ice king

and more


some characters from cartoon mugen


Coming soon

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