Ok i made a jenny and its not good characters its a spriteswap of kitty katswell by Madoldcrow1105 and SJJ'S verson is a mega man edit,sjjs old Verson is no more for download.and Cubix10 is makeing one and its not done.i wish Madoldcrow1105 world make a jenny.we all need to have a Decent jenny for M.U.G.E.N and not a spriteswap.on Youtube Acount named h19v91 said Abort SJJ's Jenny.Megaman... Skinned ad XJ9. F-in LoL see that here .its really ture.maybe Placemario or Madoldcrow1105 can make a Decent Jenny.My jenny is a sprite from Planneons

Heres a picture of SJJ Below

Jenny wakeman Sjj

Plesse Comment Below

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