Okay Everyone Can You Make me Scardy Bat From Ruby Gloom Sprites with his Asstant and make His Sounds for his Attacks and Put his Sounds To Mediafire

List he Needs

  1. Intro 1 Kicking Mr.Nervous
  2. Intro 2 Speachi Intro Agenist Ruby Gloom
  3. Intro 3 Rigby Insuteding Scardy bad then Kicks Him
  4. intro 4 Scardy Bat Scared In The Battle
  5. Asstant 1 Doom Kitty
  6. Asstant 2 Poe
  7. Hyper 1 Scardy Bat Squarepants
  8. Hyper 2 Scardy Bat flying attack
  9. Hyper 3 Scardy Bat Hyper Combo
  10. Hyper 4 Scardy Bat Turning Super Sayin (Super Sayin Tom Sound Only Please)
  11. And His Simple Attacks


His Midnight Bliss and The Shin Goku Sastu

Please Coment Below

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