Raman Livingstone

  • I live in Austrlia
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is im a Stutent
  • I am Male
  • Raman Livingstone

    Here That it Must Be That I Want

    Select Portriat Sprite By Jarquin10PA

    Sprites Of Attacks Stance Hypers and Specials spritesheet By Toonalexsora007

    And A Intro Sprite Made By Toonalexsora007

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  • Raman Livingstone

    Okay TheIransonic Said That I Draw "Scribbly". I Not Good At Darwing So Help Me

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  • Raman Livingstone

    Okay Everyone Can You Make me Scardy Bat From Ruby Gloom Sprites with his Asstant and make His Sounds for his Attacks and Put his Sounds To Mediafire

    List he Needs

    1. Intro 1 Kicking Mr.Nervous
    2. Intro 2 Speachi Intro Agenist Ruby Gloom
    3. Intro 3 Rigby Insuteding Scardy bad then Kicks Him
    4. intro 4 Scardy Bat Scared In The Battle
    5. Asstant 1 Doom Kitty
    6. Asstant 2 Poe
    7. Hyper 1 Scardy Bat Squarepants
    8. Hyper 2 Scardy Bat flying attack
    9. Hyper 3 Scardy Bat Hyper Combo
    10. Hyper 4 Scardy Bat Turning Super Sayin (Super Sayin Tom Sound Only Please)
    11. And His Simple Attacks


    His Midnight Bliss and The Shin Goku Sastu

    Please Coment Below

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  • Raman Livingstone


    The original content from this blog has been removed along with the other "drama" blogs created by Raman Livingstone as bringing drama from other places is against Wikia's policy/rules.

    Indeed Raman, you have been blocked on the MUGEN Database (again) due to you creating blogs that insulted people by calling them "freaks" and saying that you'll "cut them until they bleed". Why did you create the blogs? Because they insulted you and a person who you've never met face-to-face in you life. Insulting someone is one thing, but saying that you'll kill them completely different - we take things like this very seriously here, and any arguments, etc. you have outside the MUGEN …

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  • Raman Livingstone

    Ok.In the SNS Game Earthbond there are no masked man voice.for mugen i might make musked man becuse omegabros6 and deathnintendo has not done it. and i want to make on with jeff and poo.oh and ninten im useing ninten's voice from Omegabros6.plesse can some user be a voice actor of masked man and sent it to me

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