The chat just isn't the same anymore. Tons of newbies come in actually wanting to talk about MUGEN. I was already having a shit day, but DarkDonald went ahead and commented. Now, something had been bugging me. IF HE WAS HIDING ON THE INSIDE OF THE BAG, HOW DID HE TI- oh wait, not that. Well, anyway, Dark Donald's character image was innacurate to the pallette. So, when the ill-named (and likely thus ill-fated) user DarkDonald came on, I just made a comment on it. Then he started going on without actually noticing what I was trying to point out. Now, Tails.EXE, that Teelz is the wurst (not sic). Literally a wurst.  Wait, I have had enough unfunny jokes for now. Anyway, Teelz was acting like I was freaking out (which I wasn't) and then Koa came on. Dark Donald claimed I freaked out again, and Teelz was still being a total memoryfag too. 

And that's how KoaDevil became the derp and banned me without actually thinking about my side. Welp. 

Oh, and Plasmoid called me a troll. 

Well, since this chat has gone to shit, I'm gonna retreat to the Idle Zone for now. 

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