Yet again, the Wikia blog system proves to be vunerable to Early Enter Button syndrome.

Anyway, this is an official guide, by Question to the Answer, on how to survive Question to the Answer. Because you apparently need one.

  • Be prepared to defend your position. The wild QTTA, while majestic and pink, is highly territorial. While you will hopefully not have to, defending your position is incredibly important, especially if the specimen in question is already irritated and highly likely to attack.
  • Do not behave like you are above the situation. This will only aggravate the QTTA further, and inevitably result in wide-area destruction.
  • Stay rational. Swinging wildly will not subdue a rampaging QTTA, and will only result in further damages.
  • Semantics are one of the most important elements to successfully negotiating with an aggravated QTTA. Before using a key word, check the technical definition of it. In addition, if you fail a negotiation, do NOT move the goalposts. The QTTA will tackle the new goalpost with maximum force, and likely cause a huge mess.

Thank you for your interest in the official QTTA survival guide. If you see someone clearly ignoring this guide, it would be wise to give it to them. This should hopefully clear up any further confusion. I totally should have made this sooner, but ehhh...

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