Question To The Answer

aka Rejnka

  • I live in Yellow Forest
  • My occupation is Explosions, semantics, arguments, and explosive arguments about semantics.
  • I am a Raichu, male.
  • Question To The Answer


    Anyway, as you may or may not know, I have 2 current goals (that you'd care about):

    1. Prove myself to have even a sliver of a chance to be useful
    2. Get back at DoomBowser

    Now, of course, DoomBowser doesn't like the Unovan Genie Pokemon, so obviously I have to do something productive... involving them. So, of course, I'm going to try and make one in MUGEN. Now, of course, this would involve me making sprites for one, so... wish me luck!

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  • Question To The Answer

    Yet again, the Wikia blog system proves to be vunerable to Early Enter Button syndrome.

    Anyway, this is an official guide, by Question to the Answer, on how to survive Question to the Answer. Because you apparently need one.

    • Be prepared to defend your position. The wild QTTA, while majestic and pink, is highly territorial. While you will hopefully not have to, defending your position is incredibly important, especially if the specimen in question is already irritated and highly likely to attack.
    • Do not behave like you are above the situation. This will only aggravate the QTTA further, and inevitably result in wide-area destruction.
    • Stay rational. Swinging wildly will not subdue a rampaging QTTA, and will only result in further damages.
    • Semantic…
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    I accidentally made this page early. Oh well. Let us begin

    so i was like "man it's a shame this HD pikachu doesn't work, lemme fix it" but then i didn't

    but a while later I did

    so boom

    just download it, it's a fun (if a mildly buggy and also slightly incomplete, but it's better than the other Pikachus)

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  • Question To The Answer

    .... Yesterday I was a tiny bit short on blood. And also, you know, barely functional?

    8 hours of sleep later, I just got up at 6 on Saturday. Literally can't even sleep more, got too much energy. 

    The obvious conclusion is that I thrash around so much in my sleep, BLOOD LOSS is afraid of sharing a bed. Makes enough sense. If I was blood loss, I wouldn't want to share a bed with a thrashing me. 

    In other news, Light Ball Festivals! They're the hottest new thing in literally just Dewford Town!

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    The chat just isn't the same anymore. Tons of newbies come in actually wanting to talk about MUGEN. I was already having a shit day, but DarkDonald went ahead and commented. Now, something had been bugging me. IF HE WAS HIDING ON THE INSIDE OF THE BAG, HOW DID HE TI- oh wait, not that. Well, anyway, Dark Donald's character image was innacurate to the pallette. So, when the ill-named (and likely thus ill-fated) user DarkDonald came on, I just made a comment on it. Then he started going on without actually noticing what I was trying to point out. Now, Tails.EXE, that Teelz is the wurst (not sic). Literally a wurst.  Wait, I have had enough unfunny jokes for now. Anyway, Teelz was acting like I was freaking out (which I wasn't) and then Koa c…

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