Inspired by Dylan's post, here's a character concept post of my own!

  • Name: Disgrace (TBD?)
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: Young adulthood?
  • Alignment: True neutral (?).
  • Backstory: She proved an awful powerful slugger back in her teenage years, smashing baseballs into the stands with grace. Despite the maturing girl's athletic finesse, life had always been an eminent struggle... Born into the arms of shattered, half-hearted parents whom frequently dabbled in illicit, mindless activities, fostering a reputation as a reliable slugger, as well as a talented scholar, proved incredibly difficult. Her somewhat tall, lanky figure would be the basis of many a snarky comment, even though she'd easily be able to strike them out cold with her bat. Her masked shyness and sensitivity only intensified the angst conjured up by her peer critics. Thus, baseball -- her forte -- was also her facade; inside were feelings of emptiness brought on by her parent's lack of support, accompanied by bouts of sorrow and self-deprecation. The breaking point came just shy of her eighteenth; an astoundingly hard blow to the head with her trusty tool of choice, donned in full uniform and her signature black socks. In a twist of fate, her spirit materialized in the underworld in the form of cracked porcelain and tattered: a testament to the beautiful, yet brutally flawed life in the overworld.
  • tl;dr: Think Buffalo Bess + Pale Marionette + Jose + Noroko.
  • Fighting Style: Primarily melee, with hints of ranged and magic attacks.
  • Signature Weapon: Porcelain baseball bat with a detachable shaft (club/whip-like in appearance).
  • Special Moves: Batspin (think Josh Womack), Grand Slam (think Fatality or Jose's Spacetour), Skullcrusher (repeated blows to the head), etc.

With all this being said, there's very little chance that I would be able to comprehensively create and publish this character, considering my lack of M.U.G.E.N abilities. Oops! xP

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