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    Character Concept

    August 21, 2013 by Puzzle Dust

    Inspired by Dylan's post, here's a character concept post of my own!

    • Name: Disgrace (TBD?)
    • Gender: Female.
    • Age: Young adulthood?
    • Alignment: True neutral (?).
    • Backstory: She proved an awful powerful slugger back in her teenage years, smashing baseballs into the stands with grace. Despite the maturing girl's athletic finesse, life had always been an eminent struggle... Born into the arms of shattered, half-hearted parents whom frequently dabbled in illicit, mindless activities, fostering a reputation as a reliable slugger, as well as a talented scholar, proved incredibly difficult. Her somewhat tall, lanky figure would be the basis of many a snarky comment, even though she'd easily be able to strike them out cold with her bat. Her masked shyness …
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